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YOU SHOULD NEVER TRAVEL TO THE UNDERWORLD UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONER, AS THIS IS "THE LAND OF THE DEAD" AND PERSONAL TRIALS. You may get lost, lose track of time, never be able to return, or return 100 years later, as a day in the underworld may be 80 years in this time reality.


Cerridwen, goddess of the Earth is the deity who is in charge of the underworld. She is the goddess of inspiration, the Bards (Shamans) are the sons of Cerridwen. Her Cauldron, Laws, and words give meaning to the Shamans journey and life. In his writings Taliesin refers to drinking from Cerridwens sacred Cauldron to receive his “awen” (inspiration). Taliesin also stated that the "chair" or the place of his power lies within Caer Sidi (sidhe) which is known as the underworld.


Set up your "sacred" area with your blanket or rug, cast your protective circle, put on a tape of drumming or other relaxing music. Perform your relaxation exercise as you have in your meditations and previous glimpses of the otherworlds. Do your "Inner Tree Meditation", then step out of your body. Descend down the world tree to the Underworld.

As you reach the entrance of the Underworld, remain there until your spirit guide comes to lead you on your journey. If you are ready she/he will lead you to Cerriwens Island. If you have already undergone the trial of the Sword Bridge, you may proceed to Cerridwens Island with your Spirit Guide to lead you on your journey. You must rely on your memory, senses and your guide to get back to then entrance that will bring you back to this realm.

Remember that there are areas in each world which require you to have more training and skills in order to understand them, or to work with the beings in those areas. You may also encounter Cernunnos, Lord of the Animals and the underworld, or Cerridwen Goddess of the Earth and the Underworld. This is where her sacred Caldron of initiation stands. You may also find that either one of these deities may deny you your initiation rites until you have progressed to the point in which you are ready to accept the spiritual responsibilities of a Shaman.

While on your journey you might receive messages from your guide or other beings, remember to listen carefully to these messages. Use your instincts and common sense when receiving these messages. Some messages may be symbolic, or they may be too difficult to implement at this time, or perhaps you will choose to ignore them because they do not feel “right”. You have the ability to use your own free will, and as a Shaman has must take responsibility for your actions. You cannot use the excuse of “an otherworld being told me to do it.” Also remember to write down these messages immediately, when you return from your journey.

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