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The middleworld is called Abred, ( Earth plane) a time and space which is inhabited by living humans. Abred is the training ground for humans, and is the mid - point between Annwn (the Underworld) and Gwynvyd (the Upperworld). If a human fails to improve spiritually she/he must return again and again until she/he has attained spiritual perfection.

In the middleworld time and space does not exist. You can travel around the world without linear time/space limitations, travelling into any date during the past present or future, as well as being able to communicate with the people in those time frames. Middleworld journeys, except for astral traveling or sending messages to someone in the present, are for traveling forward or backward through time on this planet.

While you are journeying through the middleworld you are in a like a an energy beam which is different from the everyday life you experience, time will pass quickly as it does when you are daydreaming or meditating.

When traveling in the present day and time you can contact others to send messages, or get information in order to protect the lives of others. This should not be used to spy on another's private life or to harass someone, as there will be serious consequences for you to pay.


Prepare your area, set up your protective circle, do your relaxation exercises, begin your drums, and do your "Inner Tree Meditation". When you are ready, step out of your body to begin your journey by entering the cave.

You will travel up the cave path just a short distance, to what is known as the Middleworld. The middleworld is a massive network of silver strands of time, which can describe as a fiber optic wire. Each strand represents a time in the past, present or future. By taking hold of a strand you will be able to sense the time frame. You must work through the strands until you find the time frame you wish to travel to. You must choose which path you want to explore, depending upon your purpose for this journey.

Any future events you encounter are changeable. Remember time is mutable, there is no set future, only several possible outcomes depending upon which path we choose to follow. If you encounter a disturbing event in the future, use this knowledge to determine a course of action which will bring about a different outcome.

When you have finished your journey leave the middleworld, then return to the cave descending down the path to the front entrance. Return to your physical time/space reality, then re-enter your body. Slowly opening your eyes as flex your muscles. Record your experiences in your journal as usual.

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