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Creating a New Page

The single most annoying factor for new FC residents is creating a new page. I have found that it is easier to create a new page offline using an HTML page editor, then uploading via FTP using Fetch. By uploading a new page you don't have to worry about "timing out" problems either.

I am a MAC user, so I can't recommend programs for PC's. However, if you have excellent HTML programming skills and you are using a MAC I highly suggest getting a copy of BBEdit 5.0 or dowloading a "free" copy of BBEdit Lite 4.1 which is available at Barebones software's homepage. I believe that they also make an editor for Windows. The URL is: I have been told that one of the best "economical" page editors for a PC is "Hot Dog". I do not have the URL for that Company. You can find the URL by doing a "keyword" search. For beginners who do not know HTML, then I suggest purchasing a copy of Adobe Pagemill. For both MAC and PC

I highly suggest that you learn HTML. It's not difficult to learn, no matter what your age is. My husband is 52, and use to have Computerphobia (yes even with a MAC). He learned HTML without any problems. There are a lot of pages on the net where you can learn for free. I also suggest that you pick up a copy of HTML for Dummies. They also have a quick reference guide which is easier to read, but won't teach you everything.

All servers accept HTML 3.4, and many are now compatible with HTML 4.0. I do not recommend using any HTML version prior to 3.2 as many browsers will not be able to read them. There are also other compatibility isses with different browsers. Basically you want every browser to be able to read your pages, not just IE 5.0 or Netscape 4.7. Some people are using Linux, Cyber Dog and AOL. Although most people will agree that Netscape is the best browser available because there are less problems with crashing and freezing associated with Netscape. Unfortunately, there is a problem with Netscape crashing while using DHTML, which is an advanced form of JavaScripting. My husband always complains that Netscape crashes at Geocities pages becuase Geocities adds all of the many forms of Java at one time. Their pop up windows, the geobranding , etc. are all JavaScript. The pop-up windows use DHTML. So if you have a friend with a page at Geocities, tell them to use the Geoguide if they want people who use Netscape to come back to their pages.

My favorite FTP utility is Fetch. You can download Fetch almost anywhere. I suggest going to Mac Addict, or MacHome magazine sites or to ZD Net. I have tried Transmit, and Anarchie, as well as the other utilities. I did not like them. Fetch is by far the easiest ftp utility to use. You can also upload, copy and download with Fetch using the "drag and drop" utility (method).

If you would like to learn HTML, I recommend these sites:

The Pixel Witch
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
The NCSA Archives

If you are interested in learning JavaScript I suggest that you take a trip to Web Monkies.

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