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This web site was uploaded on January 5, 1995 at geocities. I also established mirror sites here and at tripod. Before uploading this site I registered the name Cougar Shaman as a trademark with the United States Copyright office, and registered this entire web site to establish a legal copyright. I had to pay a lot of money to have this done. At the bottom of each page on this site I carry the following copyright notice:
All Web Site content (including: text - graphics - html - look & feel) ęCopyright 1995- 2002 Cougar Shaman All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction without prior permission is a violation of copyright laws. The name Cougar Shaman is a registered trademark. Use of this name will result in criminal prosecution.

Apparently this was not enough for the person(s) who threw up a community as when they stole my trademarked name to start a community. They stole my name, copied the look and feel of the design of this site...note my entrance page index.html, and an entire page of contents to add to their site. In fact these people were so brazen that they didn't even bother to change the name of the page. What they didn't steal from me, they stole from Then they had the nerve to pass themselves off as elders and shamen....SHAME ON THEM!!!! Now they either admit that they are thieves, lied about who they really are and remove their site or go to jail. Their members will find out one way or the other who and what they really are, so their little gooses are cooked either way.

Because they started a community where membership is required I guess they felt that they would never get caught, then figured that there's nothing I or can do to them. WRONG! Both of us can prosecute for theft of copyrighted material, and we can file a lawsuit for cash damages. MSN must remove their community for copyright theft or be charged with "Aiding and Abetting" in the theft of copyrighted material by the US Prosecutors office.

They were notified that they had stolen a trademarked name and copyrighted material. They were given 12 hours to delete their site or face criminal prosecution. Their response was to lock access to their community (not allowing anyone that's not a member to view the material) then requiring potential members to be approved by the owner/moderator. Which says to me that they believe that they are above the law and not required to adhere to it. WRONG AGAIN! Even if these people reside outside of the United States, their site is on a US server. They are liable for prosecution. Their Governments must turn them over to the United States to face the charges brought against them. They will either end up doing time in jail or paying a very steep fine. If they can't pay up, then it's jail.

The owner of has joined forces with me. We are filing separate complaints with Microsoft and the US Copyright Office against the thief located at :
In addition, we have joined up with several shamanic and pagan community members across the country to perform a group binding on the cougarshaman community and the owners/moderators. Shamanic members are sending out the animal spirits to bestow the "justice" they deserve for their theft. We are making certain that they never have an opportunity to steal from anyone again.

The moral of this story is that stealing from Cougar Shaman isn't a good idea. In fact stealing from trained elders of any magickal, mystical, occult, shamanic, or pagan community is a very bad idea. It will get you into very big trouble in this lifetime and the ones to come. So don't do the crime if you can't do the time.