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The information I have provided in these pages is for the beginner of Shamanic studies. If you want to continue on your spiritual journey you will eventually need to go on to more advanced areas. Likewise you need more information in order to move on into the intermediate area. Because of time restrictions & other obligations in my life I am unable to provide everything you need. In addition, many of you will need more than I have placed in these pages if you have subconscious blocks which prevent you from attaining a better link to the 7 senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing, visualization, intuition & psychic connections during meditations in order to go on journeys.

I found a lot of the material from the following authors very helpful in order to attain the path I am travelling. Although all of them are not Pagan or Shamanic, they all share one common goal "To attain the highest level of spirituality - to become one with our creator(s)." By examining the history of the Celts historians have ascertained that the Celtic people spent a lot of time in the Eastern countries. Therefore, it leads one to come to the conclusion that the Celtic mystics (shamans) adopted many of the Eastern Mystical Practices. If you are serious in your studies you will come to the same conslusion I have.

There are those who dislike Depak Chopra. I feel that this is probably due to lack of information. Mr. Chopra was a student of the Maharishi. He has taken his knowledge one step further to make those teachings easier to understand.

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Deepak Chopra, M.D.The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success - Integrates Mysticism, magickal theory, spirituality & the theory of Quantum Phsyics.
Deepak Chopra, M.D.The Way of the Wizard - (Novel) Helps you to understand the theory of Quantum Phsyics & how magick plays an integral part in our own lives.
Kenneth JohnsonSilver Wheel: Women's Myths & Magick
Robert GravesThe White Goddess - An excellent sourcebook. Graves is the leading authority in this area.
Joseph CampbellThe Myth & Celtic Series - Understand your roots.
Shakti GawainCreative Visualization - Includes several meditation exercises.
Culpeppers Herbal
Caitlin & John MatthewsEncyclpaedia Of Celtic Wisdom - Celtic Shaman Source Book - This is a must have book. The Matthews' are the leading authority on Celtic history.
Ted AndrewsAnimal- Speak - An excellent source for Animal Spirits. My son loves it, and I couldn't put it down. Loaded with valuable information.
Kenneth JohnsonWitchcraft & The Shamanic Journey
Kenneth JohnsonThe Silver Wheel : Women's Myths & Mysteries In the Celtic Tradition
Matthews, DanielsTales of The Celtic Otherworlds
Jean MarkaleThe Celts : Uncovering the Mythic Practices Historical Practices.
Jean MarkaleWomen of The Celts Historical Practices.
Black Elk Black Elk Speaks
Murray/Pizzorno Encyclopedia of Natural Healing
More to Come