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My teaching Philosophy is very simple. It incorporates the needs of the student as well as the teacher.


Every student must first be given a solid training foundation before being given information which could cause mental illness, health problems, or the inability to continue to grow on their path of spiritual enlightenment. Those who hold seminars or give short courses which focus on the "journey" work itself without first building a solid foundation are "irresponsible" and just plain negligent. These people cater to the society of "instant" results which will ultimately lead the students down a dangerous road, or a road which leads nowhere.

I have accepted numerous students who have attended these shamanic seminars or have supposedly been "initiated" by graduates of various foundations or institutes which have cropped up in the past two decades. Most of the people who state they were given a few lessons or initiated are unable to journey after breaking contact or find that they are no loner able to continue to make payments to their teachers. The teachers led them to believe that they were able to journey of their own accord, when in actuality they were being carried by the teachers own abilities. This is because of a failure to teach a "solid" background of spiritual development and the opening of power/psychic centers which are necessary for the student to learn to journey or embark on "vision quests" of their own accord. You cannot expect "instant journeys" or instant "shamanic qualifications" by skipping the foundation work. If this is what you are looking for, then shamanism is not for you. You will be wasting your time as well as mine.


There should be mutual respect between the teacher and the student. A student who does not show respect for the teacher is at a disadvantage. All criticism is in the best interests of the student. Students must be willing and able to accept criticism without becoming defensive.

Teachers should be able to accept suggestions from the students, as well as answer all questions to the best of their ability. Likewise, students should always ask questions without regard to feeling silly or ignorant.


Teachers should always be available to the student via Email, forums or chats. Questions should always be answered within 24-48 hours of the query.

Students must check in with the teacher on a weekly basis to inform her/him of their progress. It is rude to let your teacher or mentor worry about your progress.

Neither party should be rude or defensive.