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Cougarshaman (Cougar Silvermoon, J.D.)

I'm female age 41, ( November 10, 1956) a double Scorpio with most of my planets located in Scorpio, a Moon in Aquarius, balanced out somewhat with Jupiter being in Virgo. I teach Shamanism classes, I'm an Artist, a Webpage Designer, and a Horror Novelist. I'm also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. I have earned a B.A. in Drama, an M.F.A. in Art, and a J.D. (Law Degree). I live in Southern Orange County, California, I'm married, I have one child he's 15, and I have a great Cat (with an attitude!) named Sheba. I'm a strict vegetarian, I like taking long brisk walks every evening (rain, shine, or during Santa Ana winds) while I watch the sunset. I enjoy the Martial Arts especially Akido, although I practice Tai-Chi Chuan.

My favorite Artists are Munch, Picasso, Man Ray, and Van Gogh. My favorite actors are *Eric Roberts, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Reed Diamond and John Cleese. Actresses-no one has ever topped Bette Davis! But I do like Andrea Parker , Geena Davis and Marge Sinclair. My favorite authors are Robert Asprin, Roger Zelazny, Anne McCafery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Kevin J. Anderson. I love the Theatre! Although I usually dislike musical theatre, I do like the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice collaborative works. Otherwise I prefer to go to a small production of Shakespere, Williams or Checkhov. My favorite movies are Star Wars and Escape from New York/Escape from L.A.

I have been a Neo-Pagan since 1969. I was a solo practitioner until 1978, and in 1980 I began practicing Cabalistic Magick. I am an inactive third degree member of the O.T.O. which I left because of all the political backstabbing. I am an ecclectic practictioner, meaning if it works I use it. I consider my Religion as Pagan and have chosen Cerridwyn as my personal deity, I also like to work with Cernunnos. I returned to practicing solo in 1985, and began practicing Celtic Shamanism. If you took the time to read the Overview of Shamanism, you already know that Shamanism is not a "Religion" it is a Spiritual Path. Because Shamanism is concerned with the Environment many Shamans choose to participate in a nature religion such as paganism, which encompasses Druidism, Celtic magick and Wicca, just to name a few.

I teach classes in Shamanism on the Internet if you live outside of my area. If you live in the Orange County/Los Angeles Metropolitan area you can contact me for further information. I offer mentoring to my current and previous students only. However, if you have a question other than a request for an interpretation of a dream or vision you may send me an Email.

Things I like to Do When I can Find the Time

Disneyland! - I still love going there despite
the flagrant civil rights violations and extortion schemes
perpetrated by the Disney Security Personnel, and
the Anaheim D.A.'s office.

I never miss an episode of Pinky & The Brain!
I like classic rock, sci-fi, horror, action/adventure,
and Muppet movies. I love the X-files, Milennium, Babylon 5,
Forever Knight and Monty Python, as well as Homicide Life on the Streets
The Practice, and MST-3K. I like The Pretender
and I'm ticked because ABC cancelled *C-16.