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In order for you to maintain balance you must journey into all of the otherworlds. Therefore, you will not always travel down into the earth. There will be times when you purposely or unconsciously travel upwards on a tree, in a mound or a cave path.

1. Find a dark place or reduce the light by covering your eyes.

2. Lay down or sit quietly.

3. Close your eyes.

4. Listen to the beat of the drum, or rattles, or sticks, etc. The beat is as if your heart were racing. Breath deeply, relax, tune your ears and breathing to the beat.

5. Look inward for your entry hole down into the earth. Don't criticize the image that comes, accept it. (I have used caves, holes in the ground, tree roots, etc).

6. Fall or drift down the hole, or run down the tunnel or tree root etc. Don't worry about it. Be patient; you may not move rapidly in the tunnel; you may get stuck. It really doesn't matter.

7. Watch for the unexpected. Breath deeply; be alert. Decide where in the tunnel you want to go and intend it. It will happen.

8. When you see an opening into another land, enjoy whatever you see; explore, anticipate nothing, expect to be surprised.

9. Meet any animal and see if it presents itself to you four times. Or ask your Power animal to guide you. Be timid and calm, as you would with a real wild animal; it will not attack you but you must win it over.

10.Listen for your return signal, such as four drum rolls.

11.Be sure to retrace your steps back to and up through the tunnel. Be relaxed and do not hurry, but be deliberate on your return path. Do not bring back objects or animals on the first journey.

12.Become conscious of the room or space around you in the real world. Try to review what you have just seen and learned, but do it in a relaxed way.

13.Do not open your eyes suddenly; relax and enjoy the calm state you are now in. You are still between worlds; this will last several minutes, much like waking up.

14.Keep a journal of your journeys. Write quickly as the ideas will race ahead of you.

15.Thank your power animal for guiding your journey and comong back with you. The power animals guard you whether you ask for it or not.

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