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1. How long have you been teaching on the internet?

My first webiste went up in November of 1995. I have been teaching on the internet since January 1996. My major competitor researched my websites before establishing her business during the summer of 1998.

2. Do you teach courses in languages other than English?

Yes. And through the magick of bablefish I am also able to teach courses in deutsch, itallian, portugese, and espanol. However, you must email me in English if you want a response to your question!

3. Will I be considered a "Celtic Shaman" after I take the beginning course?

No, you will be considered a student. There is no such thing as instant spirituality. You will "not" be qualified to teach others, or perform healings.

4. What will I be able to do after taking the beginning course?

I give you the materials, and instruction to take you to a certain level of proficiency. The beginning course teaches you how to control your mind and your environment. These basics allow you to be able to journey, go on minor vision quests, your third eye will be opened, as well as a variety of other abilities.

However, your progress depends upon you. This includes the amount of time you are setting aside for your exercises, whether you are keeping journals, whether you have taken the time to ask questions, your cognitive abilities, and your natural abilities.

5. Do you have references I can contact?

Yes. I have a list of previous students, current students, and other elders within the Shamanic community who are willing to act as references. You must contact me to request that information.

6. Are you Incorporated?

Forming a corporation requires no less than three persons over the age of 18 to act as a Board of Directors. Fees to Incorporate run several thousand dollars in order to pay Incorporation fees, liability insurance, an Attorney to file Papers of Incorporation, and to help the officers set up By-Laws. A successful corporation must also have the aid of an Incorporations Broker, and have sufficient "capitol" to operate their business. The term "Non-Profit Corporation" is very deceiving. It does not mean that the Corporation does not or cannot make a "profit". It just means there are certain procedural guidelines which must be followed. In addition, the board of directors are allowed to earn a salary as well as profit from the business. Those fees must be passed along to the students. I do have a Business license, and I offer my services as a Minister of the Universal Life Church.

7. Do you accept a payment plan?

You may use a credit card. Otherwise, no. Please do not write asking me to accept payment per course or to reconsider. If you are serious about taking courses you will save money each week from your paycheck until you have the money to cover tuition.

8. Have you written any books?

Yes, I've written two books. One of those books may be purchased from my online store, it is not available anywhere else. The other is out of print while undergoing an edition upgrade and re-registration of Copyrights.

9. How can I contact you?

Before contacting me, please have a specific question in mind. I cannot answer generalized questions, such as "I want more information". I give a full detail of the courses on the course outline page. Please read this this page carefully. In addition, I do not have brochures to send out. If I do not answer your question within 48 hours, it is because the answer to your question is on this website. Re-read all of the information carefully. Email is the easiest way to reach me. My Email address is listed below.

10. What types of health conditions will exclude me from taking lessons?

If you suffer from a heart condition, uncontrolled high blood pressure, you are abusing illegal or prescription drugs, you are an alcoholic, you are a recovering addict/alcoholic, you have a degenerative or fatal disease. If you are recently disabled I do not suggest that you take lessons until you have gone through your "grieving process" and the ultimate acceptance. Newly disabled people tend to be very bitter and verbally abusive (this also includes recovering addicts). I cannot work with you while you are in this mental state .

11. Do you require outside reading materials?

No, in fact I discourage outside sources as they will interfere with my teachings.

12. I have a disability, will you adapt my course materials?

It depends. If you require your course materials in large print I will be happy to accommodate you. If you have a scanning or other comprehension disability which requires your course materials to be presented in an "oral" format, I suggest that you purchase a software program which will accommodate you. Word Perfect 3.5 for Mac has text to speech capabilities which I have found to be quite useful. I also recommend that you purchase a "speech to text" application. I cannot recommend PC applications because I am strictly a Mac user.

If your disabilities are of a nature which will not allow you to complete the course work, then you should decide for yourself whether you want to try the course or not. Please be considerate of the fact that I am not a "walking medical encyclopedia". I may not understand what the confines of your disabilities are. I am well versed in ADD, ADD/ADHD, and many forms of Learning Disabilities. Please do not ask me "if" you should or should not take the course. You must decide that for yourself. Furthermore, this is not an accredited educational institution, therefore I am not bound by the ADA to accommodate anyone.

13. I am not able to pay for your course, will you mentor me or give me advice?

No. You need to make a conscious decision that you are not afraid of spending money. You must decide that you will no longer say or think "I don't have, I can't, or I'm afraid." As long as you think these thoughts your subconscious will prevent you from moving forward and out of your situation. If you really want to learn Celtic Shamanism by taking this course you will get past those fears and "cant's" by saying to yourself "The money I have." then send your payment.

14. Can you help me find a teacher or healer in my area

No, you need to do that search yourself. I suggest looking through the Yellow pages under Occult or New Age.

15. Linking Information

You may link to this site. However, I do not provide reciprocal links. I will not advertise your products services or website. I am not interested in "any" associates programs, banner exchange programs, or "shopping malls".

If someone has a link to this site it does not mean that I endorse their site, opinions, teaching, services or products.

16. What are your Terms & Conditions or Return Policies?

You may view ordering terms and conditions for shaman courses on the application page or by clicking on the link from the course overview page.

All courses are non-refundable/non-returnable. I will not reimburse you for merchandise lost or damaged in transit, please purchase insurance to cover loss.

Merchandise: wands, rattles, etc. must be returned within 10 days. I will not refund you for merchandise lost or damaged in transit . I suggest you purchase insurance when ordering.