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This holds true to an ancient proverb, although it has been translated for the modern day: Free advice is seldom cheap.

This is a high traffic site with several hundred visitors per week. I get flooded with Email I cannot respond to, so please read this FAQ sheet before emailing me a question! If you still need to send an Email please make certain your email address is correct. I cannot reply to email from: If you wish a reply go to or to sign up for a free email account. Please remember that I am not a trained Psychologist, I'm a Shaman. There's a big difference which people often seem to get confused.

Linking information: If you wish to place a link to this site the url is: If you place a link to my page you must do so without any selfish intent in mind. Because someone places a link to my site does not mean that I agree with or endorse their website, opinions or teachings.

Q. I love the image on page..., may I use it?

A. No, they are copyrighted!

Q. May I copy information from your page to put on a mailing list or my web site?

A. No, this site is copyrighted! I will file a copyright infringement complaint with your ISP and file a complaint with the Government to Prosecute you for Copyright infringement!

Q. What's the best way to get started?

A. Meditate twice daily and work on your spiritual progression for the next 2-3 years, eat a balanced diet, drink 8 glasses of water a day, get at least 8 hours of sleep and exercise at least 2 hours a day (balanced with aerobics & weight lifting). I have a book available from my business website with meditations and exercises. To purchase go to I also recommend Kundalini Yoga for people who can't afford a teacher. It's a wonderful system, and it doesn't require the presence of a teacher unless you want to get into something complicated such as Tantra.

When you are ready and have the money find a good Shamanic teacher. Only fools try to do this without one. If you can't afford to pay a teacher, don't even attempt to practice Shamanism. If you believe otherwise, go stick your hands in hot flames because that's what you're about to do to yourself mentally & physically.

Q. Can you hep me with, or send me more information on?

A. NO. Meditate twice daily for several years, then contact me. I just do not have the time. Please see my opening message above.

Q. I am looking for a teacher in my area, can you help me?

A. NO, just because I'm a Shamaness doesn't mean I have a database of practicing teachers worldwide. Besides it really is best if you do your own search.

Q. I am under 18, my parents are xtian and they harass me or punish me for my beliefs, can you help me?

A. NO. First of all you are a minor, I can't intervene. You must respect your parents rules & wishes while living in their home. If you don't want to get in trouble for you personal beliefs, then don't bring books or materials into their home that they disagree with. They can't read your mind and they can't erase your private thoughts. When you leave home you can do as you wish.

Q. You do not have information on....../you mention a meditation or instruction that you do not list on your page, will you send it to me?

A. NO. If it's not on this site, I meant to omit it for your own protection.

Q. Will you mentor me?

A. I offer correspondence & online courses. I have far too many things going on in my life right now. If you are interested in taking online courses, follow the links to my business page at: .

I receive hundreds of visitors per week, with 50-100 requests per week for mentoring. I do not know you, or whether you are worthy of my help, nor do I have the time. In addition, I run into too many message boards, receive too many emails, etc. from people who beg for a teacher yet haven't even bothered to help themselves through meditations or any other spiritual means. I did have a forum where I gave free advice. I removed it because those people didn't appreciate the service they we're receiving. Those people were rude, obstinate, and condescending. When I didn't give someone the answer they wanted to hear, they turned into Godzilla. Others would argue about what they learned from someone else on the net, or they just wanted to be general troublemakers. One particular young man even went to different pagan and celtic forums on the net spreading lies about me. I got tired of people who never studied any form of shamanism, except for reading a DJ Conway book coming to my forum to give me "a piece of their mind" for what I supposedly said to this young man. Fortunately I was contacted by the forum administrator about the problem and what was being said. When I told my side of the story she agreed with the advice I had given, had a slight chat with the youngster, then blocked his access to their forum and chat area.

Then there are the spoiled children who send me Emails with threats, they whine and pout..."Well, if you won't help me who will?" The answer to that is No one! Why?...with that type of childish attitude you don't deserve help. Grow up.

Q. I had this weird dream... (description of dream here) What does it mean?

A. I believe that dreams are a very personal matter, after all, they come from "your" mind. You have to find your own meaning in them.

Q. I'm a natural, why should I get a teacher?

A. How do you know? There are 10 year olds who are great at driving simulations too, but I wouldn't let them drive a motor vehicle. Same thing here.

Q. I need counseling or healing can you help?

A. If you need healing you should learn how to control your mind & body. I recommend three books to help you get started: Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, MD., Spontaneous Healing by Andrew Weil, MD., and the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. I also suggest the practice of Kundalini Yoga. If you need spiritual readings go to my business page:
Services are not free.

Q: I was told by a shaman:... or will you please confirm something for me?

A: No, I will only ask the spirits to help me in an "important" or necessary situation. I will not anger them with stupid questions you can find out on your own with a Tarot reading or other forms of divination.

Q. I was told in a dream or vision that I am a Shaman.

A. Yes, and I'm Mary, Queen of Scotts. Get real.

Q. I had this weird experience with an animal or bird, or an animal, bird crossed my path, flew overhead, or I have an affinity with animal or bird "x" etc. can you give me insight?

A. No. Just because an animal or bird crossed your path or whatever, even if you have an affinity for them it doesn't mean anything special. Some people just feel drawn towards certain animals because they compliment their personality. Unless you are studying shamanism with a teacher and are very serious the animal spirits really have no meaning for you. I just wish all of these so called "Animal Spirit" books would disappear from the shelves so I won't have to be bothered with anymore stupid animal questions!

Q: I don't like your page design.

A: I didn't make these pages for you, I made them for me. If you don't like them, please leave and go somewhere else.

Q. I believe you are wrong on some facts or historical information; or I am a reconstructionalist, and; or I am living in Ireland and how dare you call yourself a Celt.

A. I did all of my research and I am willing to stand by it. Unless you have actual manuscripts dated before the birth of Christ, don't bother me with it.
If you want to be a reconstructionalist and live in the dark ages that's your problem. But if you are really what you say you are, then you wouldn't be using a computer or electricity because the original Celts did not have any of these things.
How do you know I'm not from the British Isles myself! And what makes you so much better than everyone else because you stand on a certain piece of dirt; how dare you! Furthermore, Celts are not just Irish. The Celts come from numerous countries including Scotland, Wales, Germany and Scandanavia. In addition, I don't care what your opinion is. Scholars tend to disagree in every subject on earth. You are not going to make someone change their mind or their opinions on something just because "you" feel it should be a certain way.

Q. "I am a highly spiritual person, a teacher and I am Yogi or HP/HPS High in the butt, and I think it is wrong to charge for your services"

A. Well, that's your problem if you like living on rice in a hut or box with no electricity, heat or water. However, a truly spiritual person who has the training to teach or give spiritual counseling would not feel the need to write such a "pompous" letter to another teacher. It only shows that you have not spiritually progressed beyond being a hunk of flesh on a dirt ball with the spiritual enlightenment of a gnat. If you actually have such a title, you do not deserve it, nor did you "earn" it. Obviously you were given this title because of who you knew or because you had a more expensive BMW and house than the person who actually "deserved" that title. A spiritual person is beyond such petty observances, nor does he/she feel the need to verbally abuse others. He/she is at peace with who they are, and is not concerned by what others do or don't do. The Yogi's that I have studied under which includes the "only" master of white Tantric Yoga "Yogi Bhajan" charges for his retreats, courses, and books. He is the most spiritual man I have ever known. I suggest you take some lessons from him instead of claiming to be something you are not. And by the way, I am NOT a spiritual teacher, I am a Shamanic teacher.

Q. I think that you are rude, or insensitive, etc.

A. First of all it only means that you are too sensitive. You have a problem with low self-esteem that consistently reads negative emotions directed towards you when there is none. Furthermore, I do not care what your opinion of me is. I've grown beyond such petty ego trips in my spiritual quest. Perhaps you should meditate on getting beyond being verbally abusive to others. And you need to understand that the Internet was NOT invented to exploit knowledgeable people. No one is required to share their knolwedge or allow others to spiritually "suck them dry" because they have a website.


All Web Site content (including: text - graphics - html - look & feel) Copyright 1995- 2002 Cougar Shaman All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction without prior permission is a violation of copyright laws.