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Stone Color Symbolism

This is for curio purposes only. Although, Crystals and Stones have certain properties, they cannot perform the miracles & cures that the New Age merchants tell you they can without the help of a trained healer employing their own healing powers to aid the patient.

You can find a complete list of Stones & Crystals & their application by taking my correspondence course.

Stones can be used for divination, meditation, healing and magic. You should always keep your stones in a cloth bag large enough to fit your hand into. If you have an affinity for a certain stone or itís color you can purchase a ring or a necklace setting of that color or type of stone. You can also place stones in medicine bags to carry in your pocket or to place around your neck. If you know someone who does jewelry or lapidary work, you can have the specific stone of your choice mounted in a ring or necklace setting. This is a brief list of what each color symbolizes

White:Spiritual guidance, being directed into the right paths, calmness, becoming centered, seeing past all illusion. Quartz, Agate.

Red:Courage to face conflicts or test, energy, taking action. Garnet, Red Jasper, Red Agate Dark Carnelian.

Pink:Healing, true love, friendship. Rose quartz, Agate.

Yellow: Power of the mind, creativity of a mental nature, sudden changes. Amber, Topaz, Citrine.

Orange:Change your luck, power, control of a situation. Carnelian, Jacinth.

Blue:Harmony, understanding, journeys, or moves. Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite.

Green:Marriage, relationships, balance, practical creativity particularly with the hands, prosperity, fertility, growth. Jade, Malachite, Amazonite.

Brown: Earth elementals, success, amplifies all Earth energy and psychic abilities, common sense. Tigereye, Smoky quartz.

Black:Binding of energy, defense by repelling negative energies and people, reversing negative thoughtforms into positive power, general defense, pessimism, feeling bound. Jet, Onyx, Obsidian.

Purple: Breaking bad luck, protection, psychic and spiritual growth, success in long range plans. Amethyst, Beryl, Quartz.

Indigo: Discovering past lives, karmic problems, balancing out karma, stopping undesirable habits or experiences. Turquoise, Amethyst, Beryl.

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