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There is curretnly a single individual calling himself Reverend Olson who has been causing quite a bit of havoc on the internet. His exploits range from hate sites, hacking into system servers, casuing sytems damage to individuals computer systems and system crashes on large servers, creating infinite loops making it impossible for users to exit his page, etc. He has been Emailing individual pagans his website, when they open their mail it is impossible for them to get out of it. In addition he has been Emailing other viruses, etc. to individual pagans.

I have included a letter from the technical department at describing the problems he has caused over there. We are requesting that everyone send letters to any server where you encounter one of his pages requesting that it be removed as a Hate and Violence site. in addition we are requesting that people write the AOL requesting that his membership be revoked due to a violation of the acceptable use of the internet policy he is violating. this is set forth in the AOL users agreement package.

His pages have been spotted on and he has another at http:/

His page at Geocities was recently removed. Please get involved in hunting him down and having his presence from the web deleted. We also request that you send a letter to the ACLU. Their website is

  Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:37:40 EDT Subject: Fwd: [hotgcpw] *P* O* O * F * All gone..

In a message dated 98-07-09 00:20:12 EDT, writes:

From: (Tech Support - John)

Please pass this around your mailing list, as I wouldn't want to " butt in unwanted/unexpectedly " on that list. Thanx. I found this out earlier this afternoon, and disable the " endless loop " so that it would at least not lock you in..... they way around it was to pull up your task manager and do an " End Task " on your web browser, instead of rebooting, etc. I hacked out the loop anyway, cause it was WRONG, and could lead to damage on people's systems , some people were actually shutting down their systems as their only way out.... not an advisable thing to do, but totally understandable. I then disabled some other content that I found to be defamatory, and just plain disrespectful to the world. None of these seemed to be solving the problem, so now I have just totally newked the user from my network, account, web content and all..... I feel MUCH better now. ;-) I must say, that given the circumstances, all of you have been TOTALLY wonderful about this, usually my abuse mail is worded very " rudely " but all of you were very polite, and easy to work with, I just wish we had met under better circumstances. so, " KUDOS" to all of you for defending what I beleive to be the right of all people to practice what they beleive in a non- imposing/insulting manner to other.... this person could stand to learn a few lessons from you folks. ( Tho I do say this a little outside of my job " arena " , but I wanted to make a point, hopefully without getting in ttrouble on myside. )..... Keep up the great work!!!!! :-) At 05:33 PM 7/7/98 -0400, >Dear 'John' (Sir or Madam): > >I want to thank you for your expedient actions of yesterday to address the >problem which were called to your attention. Seldom have I seen such a quick >and timely response to a sensitive issue. Thanks to your efforts, many >people will now not be >misinformed by the improper material on the site which you removed. > >Your actions can only help to make this a more peaceful world; one in which >cooperation between people and respect for each other's beliefs can lead to >more global understanding. > >I thank you again for your assistance. > >Brightest Blessings of the Lord and the Lady, > >Moon Leopard > Witches All... > > Merry meet. > > I wanted to forward these two messages from > Castles' Tech support-- server of that vile web site that > was brought to my attention yesterday. (Thank you Kat...) > Below are the two responses... > > Castles Tech Support: "I am in contact with the owner of > that site right now, and we will take the neccessary action > to remove this content. Thank you for bringing this to my > attention." >

> Subsequently...


> John at Tech Support wrote to me: "I have just confirmed > the non-presense of the web page in question, I will keep > an eye out to make sure that it doesn't return. Thank you > for your patience in this matter, and I apologize for any > inconvenience or hard feelings about this. Thank you for > being so understanding.

Happy surfing!!!! :-)"

John Allison Castles Information Network Technical Support

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